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Jettlane Recording understands that the best art comes from the best environment

We know that to make great music, you need great surroundings — a combination of top-notch gear, comfortable work and lounge areas, a relaxing setting, and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists of any level. A place without distractions, yet accessible, where development is encouraged and prices aren’t prohibitive, but quality isnever sacrificed and clients are treated with respect.

Fredi Handshoe

Welcome to Jettlane Recording

Recording Studio

Jettlane Recording is a 2,000 square foot facility with 1 control room, 2 live rooms, 1 vocal booth and 1 iso booth

Highlighted Projects from over the Years

We are very proud of our client base and the lasting relationships we have forged over many years.

Zaire Park
Sinful Lilly
Get It On
Gears w/Corey Glover
The Cult of Personality
Russell Johnson
It Don’t Hurt Me Anymore

Tracking/Editing/Mixing/Mastering Booking

Select your session to contact Jettlane for Booking. Please send some info about your song or album project. Contact us for an album or large project discounted rates. ***SESSIONS ARE NOT CONSIDERED BOOKED UNTIL A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID AND YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL***